The four people I met with yesterday

Yesterday, I had four incredible conversations.

First, with Jordan Kauflin, pastor at Redeemer. Heart gardening, is how I'll describe the conversation: tilling the soil of my heart and planting seeds of truth in my soul. That sounded poetic.

Second, grabbed coffee with Gret Glyer, founder and CEO of DonorSee, a charity app that let's you see the impact of your donation. He'll probably get a google alert about this post (hi, Gret!). We talked about faith, exercise, and relationships and how we keep a balanced life when we have an all-consuming startup passion. He's a machine, and living a beautiful life. Very exciting. I left inspired.

Third, I had beers in DC with Dmitri Adler, founder and CEO of DataSociety, a premium education startup teaching data science and R. Smart guy - gave me excellent advice on getting ready for the grind ahead. 

Lastly, after walking, metroing, and biking back, I met Dave Gummel at our furnitureless apartment. We talked about how the gospel is either motivating or demotivating. Does it spur you to action or waiting? He has a lot to offer the world and I hope God gives him a passion he can lose sleep over.

Big takeaway when having conversations with people: for as much as you believe the gospel, is as vulnerable as you can be with them. The gospel removes shame and therefore I can be 100% open with anybody about lust, brokenness, and failure because I am completely set free from those things, all because of Christ and the cross. Not only is shame removed but it's replaced with DELIGHT. God's delight in me. Therefore, my confidence is through the roof. Confidence in the gospel (who I am in Christ), not in my earthly qualities.

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