The Medium Writing Course

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what do the top 100 medium stories of all time have in common?

Should you create a Medium publication?

Is the medium partner program really worth it?

How do pick the best photo or the best tag for your Medium story?

When I first started writing on Medium, I was getting ~100 views a day.

I had a couple dozen followers and my publication was basically an empty shell.

Then one story received over 18k views in ONE DAY.

viral medium stats view

It caused my other stories to reach the top 5 on all of Medium.

Quartz, Fortune, Observer, Business Insider and others began publishing my stories.

I became a top writer in entrepreneurship and my publication grew quickly.

I studied the top Medium stories of all time and analyzed how their writers make a story successful on Medium.

I combined these insights with lessons from my own journey as someone who has built a career as a professional writer making $125/hour using Medium. These lessons helped me grow my top Medium publication from 0 to over 94,000 followers.

Get the 38 Expert Writing Tips for Medium Writers course and improve your storytelling skills, increase your readership, and earn thousands of more dollars per month as a professional writer.

Bonus: The 38 Expert Tips for Medium Writers course now comes bundled with the 30 video lessons of my bestselling Udemy course Writing Revenue: How to Write Well, Get Published, and Earn Money (reg. $179.99) for free.

What people are saying about the 38 Expert Writing Tips Course

"I've taken several other courses, coaching, and webinars but this was definitely the most helpful.”

Dave does a great job showing you what's worked on Medium and the step-by-step process to help you replicate success. Plus, his sections about pitching editors, landing big publications and creating epic headlines are worth the money alone. This guide will show you everything you need to gain a massive following and start making money with Medium."

-Michael Leonard, Freelance blogger

“I went from purchasing Dave's 38 Expert Writing Tips course on a Saturday and consuming and applying his practical advice over a couple of nights to having my first published post in a 300k+ follower Medium publication on the Thursday.”

Just five days for a return makes his course one decent investment. It's not a one-trick pony either - I'll keep referencing back to the guidance in the course for months to come. Dave also went the extra mile by personally providing insight on a couple of questions I reached out to him hesitation.

-Clayton Moulynox, Director of Auth0