Significant life updates

Significant life updates

I don’t often write here, but when I do, it’s a random smattering of thoughts and updates. Which is what this will be, too. The first bit of news is huge and overshadows everything else.

We’re expecting a baby in February 2019.

This wasn’t necessarily a “surprise” but at the same time it was. I had a new year’s resolution to get pregnant in 2018 and we were sort of trying but sort of not. It was a case-by-case decision if you know what I mean. We were surprised it happened so quickly and really, the word “trying” is not accurate to our experience. One slipped right in during the year we were planning to “start trying.”

We find out the gender in October. We’ve been married 6 years so the time is ripe. Honestly, I’ve absolutely loved moving around and adventuring with Steph and I’m going to miss the freedom and the fun. But, like it was said around the lunchtable at Panera yesterday, nothing meaningful in life is easy. Conversely, everything meaningful is hard. A baby is a difficult challenge, but as a friend who is about to give birth to his second child said, “It’s the most enriching thing you’ll ever go through.” I believe that.

We are expecting to buy a house in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond is not DC. It’s bustling, growing, and outdoorsy. Nascent startup scene. Close to family and lower cost of living. In other words, Richmond checked a lot of boxes. We’ll buy a house. But we’ll also return to the west one day. I know it will happen. For now, we’ve chosen to be here. Honestly, this is vexing for me. I struggle with settling down. FOMO strikes (I’d love to live in Austin or Nashville) and it hurts. But the problem is internal (it doesn’t matter where we live) and one that I must learn to deal with. The grass is always greener, but that’s not a promise that it’s going to be better. Be where your feet are, they say. Well, what happens when your feet are on the internet? What happens if your sense of home is not a place? It makes choosing a place a difficult and restless task.

My Medium Writing Course is officially LIVE.

I’ve poured hundreds of hours into my second online course, except this time, it’s a mobile-optimized 141-page ebook with 30 expert writing lessons specifically for how to make it big on It’s been selling well, including one consulting package ($149) in the first week, followed by an amazing customer testimonial.

You can get the full course or five free lessons here:

Other updates

  • Party Qs has a major update coming hopefully next month. It’s been since April and I can’t wait for this to be buttoned up, regardless of the outcome.

  • My consulting gigs are deeply satisfying. I love working with my clients and feel lucky to have found such great fits. I don’t foresee myself ever returning to a “real job.” That would be a poor financial decision on my part.

  • I’m giving a talks now. Two webinars — The National Coalition of Negro Women and Next Gen Entrepreneurs. One keynote at Grove City College: “Entrepreneurial Freedom: How I Created Multiple Income Streams While Living in a Different City Every 3 Months.”

A friend told me that I’m a “portfolio lifestyle entrepreneur” — I thought this was an interesting an accurate way to round up everything I do into one “title.”

That’s it for now! More updates soon.

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