Party Qs Spoken Word


Date prospering. Nice.
Words flowing smooth.
I’m cool as spice.
She’s cool. It’s tight.
Suddenly, it’s silent.
But the talk just started.
Now, it’s quiet.
Who just farted?
The stillness sets in.
Our conversation lets in
Flotsam and jetsam.
I sweat from every pore.
Restaurant now a cave.
I try to talk more
But it stunts and I babble.
Shots heard.
My words are rabble.
I need a helping hand
Multiple rescues.
Shaking, I whip out my phone
Pull up Party Qs
I ask a Date question
The room pauses, stilled
My date’s eyes illuminate, chilled
Thoughts begin to ruminate
Desires rebuild
The air tastes fresh
Our heartbeats mesh
The words tumble out
No more drought
Smiles unrestrained
Feelings untamed
Thoughts united,
Hearts ignited

A question turns the ship
And deepens relationship
Uplifts and fills hours
Talks blossom like flowers
Throw awkwardness to the wind
Open Party Qs for the win
Discard boredom in an instant
Download Party Qs, chat assistant
Unleash the floodgates
On your friendships and dates
Family time
Can get old
But like this rhyme
It can be gold
When laughs are barren
Open Party Qs again
And the laughs return
Along with a burn
When words are few
Questions are key
To unlocking the real you
And getting to know the real me.

No, we’re not Shakespeare.
But that’s why you’re here.
When you need a conversation map
Find something interesting and
Open the Party Qs app.

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