When People Ask Me 'What Do You Do?' I Tell Them "I Do 7 Things"

My "career" defies the traditional path of a single full-time job (something I'm envious of every now and then). The great thing about a full-time job is the focus, the single-mindedness. You have one direction, one brand, one source of income.

When I had one job, my restlessness blew through the roof. It was never enough. Whether it was control, creativity, or salary, one job wasn't nearly enough. I've had side projects since college, and even in college, I had projects on the side of academics.

When people ask me, "So what do you do?" 

I reply, "Seven things. Gotta minute?"

Then I run through the list as quickly as possible. 

  1. I wrote a novel called Runaway Millionaire. It's on Amazon.
  2. I co-founded an app called Party Qs. I give a live demo on my phone.
  3. I write for Inc. Magazine. My column is called Adventures in Entrepreneurship. I've been lucky enough to interview people like Daymond John, Guy Raz, and Scott Walchek.
  4. I'm producing an online Udemy course called Writing and Revenue: How to Write Well Enough to Get Paid For It.
  5. Have you heard of Medium.com? I started a Medium publication called Entrepreneur's Handbook. It has 50,000 followers.
  6. I freelance for clients like J.P. Morgan Chase, Axios, Thought Catalog, and others.
  7. I'm a consultant for three companies right now: a tech startup, a nonprofit, and a commercial real estate development company.

Doing so many things can be fractal. Often I feel like I'm moving a cruise ship an inch a day, instead of zooming ahead in a single passenger speedboat. But I really like the variety. I enjoy being able to do different things. It fits my weird psychology and work habits.

I will say I'm waiting for the day when one of these "takes off" and I have no choice but to devote 100% time and resources to it. I'm 27 so I have time to (forgive the double idiom) test the waters with many irons in the fire. I think I'm on a promising path and I'm not taking on any new projects. I have the right cards in my hand, I just need to know when to play them at the right time.

Peace and love.

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