Possible short story idea: "Perfect People"

Twenty wealthy Ivy League PhDs, ten diverse men and ten women, all believing Christians, organized a yacht voyage across the Atlantic for the purpose of engaging in fellowship and deep discourse. 

Two weeks after setting sail from Port of Miami, the boat disappeared. For months, families and constituencies of the passengers searched day and night for the missing ship and loved ones. Nothing.

Years turned into decades until eventually the educated adventurers were determined as dead. The story became history and history became legend and legend became myth until all was forgotten. 

Forty-seven years later, an oil tanker mysteriously ran aground on an uncharted island. Rescue teams and tugboats were immediately dispatched to the last coordinates radioed in. The families of the deceased doctors read the newspaper headlines and held their breath as the search parties made their way out into the same coordinates of the Atlantic ocean.

Days later, when they arrived, they found no trace of an island, the tanker, or its crew. The tug captain’s eye sockets bruised blue and purple from frantic scanning with binoculars. Finally, he roared to his vexed first mate.

“It must be right here! Where is the damn thing?”

Perfect People is a psychological thriller set in a utopian world where people are self-aware, humble, and loving. The lost doctors form a perfect society on a fertile island abounding with crops like potatoes, peanuts, cantaloupe, and broccoli. Evil is utterly absent.

The undiscoverable, splendid island is set in the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle. 

No seafarers fortunate enough to find it have ever left. Nor have they wanted to. And they're driven, even to extreme means, to make sure no one learns about the island's secret.

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