What I'm working on right now

My book is launched! It feels good to have it completed, but at the same time, I'm just getting started. Marketing and selling a book is an endless task.

Brew Projects is soft launching next week. I'm excited because this has the potential to 1) be highly satisfying to me, 2) truly help people, and 3) grow from a side gig to the main gig. Lot's of preparation has gone into this. From creating an ebook and a video to coordinating awesome mentors, I'm ready to release it to the world and see who signs up. Success will be if 20 people sign up in the first month. I would love that.

Party Qs is changing up a bit. We cut several categories of questions and reduced to just four: Date Night, Deep, Campfire, and Zany (and Random pulls from all). To experiment, we're also charging $.99 for it. I need to get comments from friends and post them on the website and then remake the coffee shop cards to be simpler and punchier.

Adventures in Entrepreneurship, my Inc.com column, is still going strong. I write twice a month, mostly about the habits of famous entrepreneurs. It's taught me a lot about being a CEO and why I probably will never be one. Unless God orchestrates a miracle and makes me 5x more disciplined and 3x more confident.

Entrepreneur's Handbook is a constant fire that needs to be fed. I try to post twice a week. One story from me, and one from a guest. The next step is to get a sponsor. I thought I had one, but he went dark. Got some great posts lined up though. It keeps me busy, but it needs to start making money in order for it to be worth the time.

Freelancing. I have a post in the works for Smashing Magazine. Seriously, there's been six -- SIX! -- rounds of reviews and revisions. Insane. I have three other opportunities to freelance as well, but I'm hesitant. If I take on freelance projects -- yeah, I might make more money -- but I wouldn't be able to do justice to growing my entrepreneurial projects. Freelancing is not entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is building a company that's bigger than you. Freelancing is contract work.

Overall, if I can't build some semblance of salary-level income for myself within a year, then I'm going to have to look for another job. Kids are coming soon.


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