First day as a full-time digital nomad

Dropped Steph off at the hospital for her first day. Took a few tries but we eventually found the right building and entrance.

I landed at Lux Central ( and this place is absolutely marvelous. When I think of an ideal coffee shop, this place is the embodiment, the epitome, of what it should look like. From the people, to the food, to the atmosphere, to the table space, this place is perfect.

In the #yesphx Slack channel, I introduced myself and received a lovely warm welcome. Four meetings came from it. Along with seven recommendations for coworking space. Tomorrow, I'll try Co+Hoots.

Compared to when I was at Viget, I'm hyper-structured and organizing my time carefully. Everything's on the calendar. Even this blog.

I'll be using this blog as a warm up place -- to get the writing juices flowing and to write in a free and pressure-free way. Everywhere else, I write for an audience or client. Here, I write for myself and I can be free about my honest opinions, faith, and feelings.

Today, my major objective is publishing an article on Entrepreneur's Handbook and finishing a rough draft of my next Inc. article. The last article (here) currently has 127,362 page views. That's in my top three. Fortune Magazine, Quartz, and MIT all shared it.

Overall, I'm extremely lucky. God has been magnificently generous with me and where I'm at in my life. When times are easy or enjoyable, it only means one thing: pursue hard things. 

It's time to put myself out there in such a way that I'm stressed and overloaded. When times are easy, it's time to take big risks. This is the time to take a big risk. What are you going to do about it?

How can you create opportunities for others to succeed? I couldn't be more excited to find out.

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