La Croix Poem

This bubbly cheer,
Pronunciation unknown,
Is better than beer
For bodies to tone.
Essentially tasteless
Makes one waistless
Zero calories
No coffee bean
Zero sugar
And zero caffeine
A drink for thinkers
People who're alert
Not for drinkers
Who drink to get hurt
Many question
Why the passion?
Do we question
Cruella for fashion?
La Croix is pure
Sweat, blood, and rain
Humanity au natural
Innocent champagne
Colorful and crazy
It fuels smiles like gas
More fun than Jay Z
Fire under the ass
La Croix is fun
I don't mean to cuss
It's plain, it's simple
It's America, it's us.

I cared more about people, then projects, and now it's back to people. I think.

How NOT to share your faith in our post-truth culture