Runaway Millionaire



Runaway Millionaire captures a fresh perspective on what it’s like to live amidst compounding lies, extreme wealth, and shredded family ties.

Set in a fictitious country region of Virginia, the protagonist, the young and ambitious Nathan Degland, commits an unthinkable crime against his family, especially Thomas, his work-obsessed and traditional father.

Fleeing to the grand New York-like City of Delorre, Nathan’s decision leads him into the inner circles of the city's elite. He enjoys his fabricated life in high-society as a venture capitalist, but his “success” unravels sharply when he discovers no one is quite who they seem. Nathan’s search for freedom leads him into the throes of evil ecstasy disguised as love and lavishness. When the violent hammer of justice falls, a family’s bond is tested by the darkest of evils.

With 384 pages, Runaway Millionaire has 107 chapters of fast-paced drama told from both perspectives of a son who has to learn the hard way and a father who struggles to show love.

“The inspiration for the book came from the original story in the Christian Bible,” said author Dave Schools, Inc. columnist, freelance writer, and editor of Entrepreneur’s Handbook. “I wanted to experience the powerful conversation between the father and son at the end. The only way to truly immerse myself in the tale was to paint a raw and dark backdrop for the final climax to shine all the brighter.”

Crime, drugs, sex, violence, and betrayal – Runaway Millionaire is filled with thematic elements and is not recommended for audiences under 17 years of age.

Runaway Millionaire is for sale on the printer’s store Createspace and on Amazon for $19.99 and on Kindle for $4.99.

For community leaders interested in reviewing the book, please contact Dave Schools personally at for a free print copy.